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Bookkeeping services price list of accounting office PARTNER GOSPODARCZY

Costs of bookkeeping services provided by accounting office depends on form and range of company’s activity (the number of registered papers). After exceeding a level of 200 registered documents in month, the price is pegged individually with each customer. In valuation, labour input is included, depending amount of documents and their complexity and client’s specific expectation. Below, we introduce basic price list of our accounting office.


Handling up to 50 documents 200 zł/month 400 zł/month
Handling up to 100 documents 350 zł/month 700 zł/month
Handling up to 200 documents 650 zł/month 1000 zł/month
Handling up to 200 documents Individual valuation
HR, wages, social insurance – contract of employment 40 zł/month per employee
HR, wages, social insurance – civil contract 25 zł/month per employee
In this price we provide:

- VAT record,
- representation before the office in area under the agreement,
- certificates of employment and earnings
- current consulting in area of running company,
- yearly tax reports.

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