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Accounting office PARTNER GOSPODARCZY with headquarters in Poznan downtown and auxiliary offices working in four additional cities (Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Katowice – in every case located in strict downtown) provides good and professional services for companies, regardless the form of business which is chosen. Our accounting office provides full bookkeeping as well as revenue and expense ledger. Accounting agency PARTNER GOSPODARCZY apart from outsourcing of bookkeeping services also provides full service of HR and payroll issues. Amongst additional services, which we can offer, there are e.g virtual offices (addresses in five cities), and founding and registering companies (llc, llp).

Below a full list of services provided by our accounting office:

Our services

Comprehensive accounting administration:

– Full bookkeeping
– Tax revenue and expense ledger.
– Possibility of choosing the most convenient form of clearing and taxation
– Preparing yearly financial statements,
– Yearly tax reports,
– Ongoing advice regarding business operations
– Service in area of Standard Audit File-Tax
– Audits, cooperation with adept auditors,
– Representation of customer in Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution
– Contribution on behalf of the client in controls of the tax office, social insurance institution, national labour inspectorate etc.

Comprehensive HR, payroll and Social Insurance administration

– Personal files maintenance,
– Documents involved with employment relationships
– Registration of workers in Social Insurance Institution,
– Preparing certificates of employment and earnings,
– Payroll,
– Full handling of employment and civil law contracts,
– Preparing a National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled statements.

Please refer to bookkeeping service price list

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