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PARTNER GOSPODARCZY accounting office’s headquarters is placed in Poznan, Łódź and Gdańsk.
We provide professional and efficient services in all of the locations above.
PARTNER GOSPODARCZY accounting offices is a team of professionals, who have a work experience of many years in bookkeeping area.

Our team includes fluent English and Russian speakers, thanks to that, we can serve also our customers speaking only in each language. Between our customers, there’s a large amount of foreigners, who started and run business activity in Poland.

Our leading idea is providing a professional support and complex service with individual attitude to each customer needs.

We work with cutting-edge SAGE and Insert Nexo Pro software.

Our accounting office owns full legal liability insurance.


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Poznań: 570 219 515
Łódź: 730 219 515
Gdańsk: 786 219 515
Wrocław: 531 018 393

ul. Piekary 6/6
61-823 Poznań

ul. Narutowicza 40/1
90-135 Łódź

ul. Jana Heweliusza 11/811
80-890 Gdańsk

ul. Piłsudskiego 74/322
50-020 Wrocław

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